JYP Artists Are Wowed By Contestants On

JYP artists are the next to be shocked by the skilled contestants of “I Can See Your Voice 5.”

On the March 2 episode of Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice 5,” a whole slew of JYP Nation artists guested, including 2PM’s Wooyoung, former Wonder Girls member Yubin, GOT7’s JB, Baek A Yeon, and DAY6’s Wonpil.

The music variety program has guests guess which contestants are skilled at singing and which are tone-deaf. For each contestant, the guests are shown two possible identities — one which indicates that they are a skilled singer and the other tone-deaf — with only one of them being true. Throughout the various rounds, guests are given other various clues and must pick out the tone-deaf contestants.

One of the contestants was a possible childhood friend of Wooyoung’s. The 2PM member, who had previously met his first love on the show, was shocked and commented, “I think the production crew did a background check on me. I don’t think I can do this, I’m so shocked.”

However, Wooyoung ended up choosing a housewife who was recommended for the show by her rapper husband. He failed, as the housewife Han Ye Seul showed off her soulful voice, surprising the guests and the panel members. She introduced herself as a singer-songwriter who was currently active under the name Hanye.

The JYP artists then took on the lip-syncing mission, where they were given a clue in the form of a video with the contestants either really singing, or lip syncing to the music. Actor Kim Kyung Hwan, who is active in the industry under many minor roles, was then revealed to be tone-deaf. He shared, “I practiced a lot, so I actually improved in my singing.” He also appeared to be happy and touched to be given the opportunity to let himself be known to potential directors.

Another contestant, Chae Bong Won, whom the JYP artists all believed was a skilled contestant, was revealed to be a tone-deaf model. Wooyoung, who had picked out two tone-deaf contestants, shared his confidence by saying, “This is the first time I met a tone-deaf person whose singing felt refreshing.”

In the last round, the guests had to sort out the tone-deaf contestants by listening to a hint given by the contestants’ helpers. Wooyoung’s childhood friend made a huge impression on this segment, as he showed evidence in the form of old photos and stories. Wooyoung declared, “His skin tone is similar, and it seems like he’s singing habitually. It’s Ki Hwan!”

The JYP artists unanimously chose their next tone-deaf contestant, who turned out to be a skilled singer Jang Bo Ram. The audience as well as guests were captivated by not only her lovely appearance, but beautiful voice as well. She shared that she had been a trainee for five years and eventually hadn’t been able to debut. She explained, “I was a trainee but because of issues within the company, I’ve been resting for a year. My parents were waiting a lot, so I came out on the show.”

The two remaining contestants in the end were the JYP parking lot attendant and Wooyoung’s childhood friend. After a lot of contemplation, Wooyoung eventually picked his childhood friend to sing a duet with. The parking lot attendant then revealed himself to be Lim Chae Un, a skilled contestant who dreamt of being a singer, and shocked the crowd with his voice. Lim Chae Un explained that he had debuted as a singer in 2014 with the track “Depressing Habits.”

However, his singing career did not take off, so he eventually worked at a security company in order to earn money. He then shared that he applied to be a JYP parking lot attendant as a joke, but surprisingly got the job, and that he was currently continuing to practice, never giving up on his dream to be a singer. The contestant also commented, “I didn’t ask the people at JYP for help. I thought I would look too much like a coward, and I thought that if it didn’t go well, I wouldn’t be able to work there anymore, so I didn’t say anything. I sing because I love to sing. However, I haven’t been able to alleviate my parents’ worry. I’m going to continue to work hard.”

Wooyoung’s childhood friend turned out to be a tone-deaf contestant who merely looked similar to and was a friend of the childhood friend Ki Hwan. However, after the contestant’s performance, the real Ki Hwan appeared to surprise Wooyoung, bringing the soccer shoes he had been unable to return. It was then revealed that Wooyoung had asked his first love for Ki Hwan’s contact information, and the production crew had quickly casted Ki Hwan for the show along with his tone-deaf friend.

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