HOTSHOT And UNB’s Hojung Shares His First Impressions Of Fellow UNB Members

On March 2, HOTSHOT’s Hojung went live on UNB’s V App channel and answered questions from fans.

Fans asked what was Hojung’s first impressions of the other UNB members. He laughed and answered, “Kijoong is very cute, I can’t help but to think that he looks like a baby. But, he’s also scarily tall. Kijoong is like an angel, he feels like a baby angel. He’s cute.”

He added, “Marco’s personality was different from what I expected. I thought it was his concept. Knowing him longer, I realized that he really has a four-dimensional personality, and that makes him very charismatic. He can be goofy too.” When asked about U-KISS’s Jun, he said, “I instantly became close with Jun. I can’t quite recall my first impression [of him]. I believe it was a positive one, as he is someone that gets along well with others easily. I felt that he is someone who likes to socialize, is active, and kind.”

Hojung smiled and recalled, “Euijin and I came across each other several times when we had activities in the past. He gave me a sense of familiarity. Now that we’ve come this far, it reminds me of the past. I was glad to have met him and wished good results for both of us. Euijin makes me feel at ease when I am with him.”

One of his fans asked if he was close to Hansol, he replied, “Yes, I became close with Hansol as we were in the same team during evaluations. He is someone that I would often look for. He is shy and has an introverted personality. He has a hard time warming up to people, but we became closer sooner than I expected.”

Another fan asked about how he felt as one of the older members in UNB as compared to being the youngest in HOTSHOT, he replied, “It feels the same. Although I was the youngest [in HOTSHOT], we all felt like friends. The same goes for now, I do not think of myself as one of the older members. All of us are like friends.”

UNB had their first fan meeting this evening in Seoul.

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