Junho Shares What 2PM Asked For During Contract Renewals

In a recent interview, Junho talked about 2PM’s relationship with JYP Entertainment and the process of renewing their contracts with the agency.

Earlier this year, five out of the six 2PM members renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment for the second time. Taecyeon, who is currently serving in the military, will discuss the possibility of renewing his contract with the agency once he completes he service.

Junho once again expressed his pride in the fact that all of the 2PM members had decided to stay together as a group. He happily recalled, “‘We started out by saying amongst ourselves, ‘It doesn’t matter who leaves [the agency]. Let’s keep going as 2PM.’ The CEO [of JYP Entertainment] also said, ‘I’d prefer if it were at our company, but even if it’s not with us, I’d like you to continue as 2PM.'”

He went on to share that the agency had been very considerate and responsive to 2PM’s needs. “When we make requests to the company, we instantly receive responses and good feedback,” said Junho. “For example, when we asked [the agency] to create a ‘2PM team,’ they were proactively accommodating.”

“When we have a complaint, we’ve developed the sort of brotherly relationship with the [agency’s] executives where we can honestly put it out there,” he explained. “So we made a request saying that we wanted the company to take better care of 2PM, and that’s how a team specifically dedicated [to 2PM] was formed.”

When asked about the 2PM members’ recent appointment as directors of external affairs, Junho remarked, “I think we revealed our ambitions during our discussions with the company. We had the thought that we would like to become an inspiration to our junior artists. We also wanted to receive respect as artists who had been with the company for a long time.”

“I feel proud that that we were the first [artists] to both renew and re-renew our contracts with JYP,” Junho continued. “This time, I think we signed without much trouble or negotiation.”

Junho was recently confirmed to have been offered the leading role in the upcoming SBS drama “Greasy Melo.” He previously starred in JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers,” which ended its run in January.

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