UNB, the project group comprised of the top nine male contestants from KBS’s idol rebooting program “The Unit,” have shared their thoughts on their debut!

UNB and female project group UNI.T both held their first official fan meetings at Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul on March 3. At a press conference before the fan meetings, UNB performed their songs “Raise Me Up” and “Dancing with the Devil” before talking about their upcoming debut.

Marco said, “I am more nervous than I was during the competition, but I will use this increased sense of responsibility to show you better things.”

Ji Hansol stated, “It’s an honor just to be able to stand on this stage, and we will work hard to improve more as UNB.”

UNB’s leader Feeldog said, “We are able to stand on this stage thanks to our fans and the Unit Makers. Instead of meeting through the screen, I want us to look into each other’s eyes and have fun. Our first fan meeting is very meaningful. I’m very nervous and feel like I’m back to being a rookie again. I will continue to work hard today.”

Hojung stated, “We came together like this after promoting in different atmospheres and different groups. But because we have experience working together on ‘The Unit’ and there are members who have debuted in groups before, I think we will be able to bond quickly and come together as a team. I’m so excited that we’re starting [promotions] together through this fan meeting, and I think it will be fun. I want us to work harder so that we can perform on a bigger stage. I think we will need to work hard. We will only walk a flowery path [from now on].”

Jun said, “This is our first time meeting the Unit Makers after they chose the nine of us, so we practiced with that sense of responsibility. Now the day has arrived, and the members seem to be in good condition, which made me really happy inside. Although we spent five months together, we still don’t know each other very well. The members talk a lot with one another, and I think that may be an opportunity for us to bond.”

Euijin commented, “With this fan meeting as our start, we will be promoting as UNB. I’m filled with new emotions. I feel more responsibility, and the fact that the nine of us received love and were chosen makes me work harder. The members are uniting well through conversation. We are very playful. There is a significant age gap between the oldest and youngest members, but it doesn’t get in the way when we joke around with each other, and I think the comfortable atmosphere is a key factor in our bonding as a team.”

Chan said, “It’s an honor to be able to meet our fans so quickly. Since [the fans] chose me, I want to show them that I am working hard. I want to show them that the nine chosen members are getting along well, and I want to show everything honestly. I think we’re showing that right now.”

Daewon stated, “Even though I debuted with an existing group [MADTOWN], we unfortunately disbanded, which is why I ended up appearing on ‘The Unit.’ Since this was a hard-won opportunity, I will do my best to not embarrass myself and to fly higher towards the sky.”

Kijoong said, “I will work harder with the other members and improve so that we can stand on an even bigger stage than this one.”

When asked about UNB’s goals, Euijin answered, “We have many dreams. Our many dreams include winning first place on music programs, charting on the music charts, performing on a big stage, and more. We will begin steadily achieving our goals after more people learn about and acknowledge UNB as a group.”

He continued, “I think our final goal is to receive lots of love from many people, so that we can perform on a big stage where many people can cheer for us.”

UNB and UNI.T will both officially debut in April. The two project groups will promote for seven months, with the February 24 special episode of “The Unit” as their start date. During this time, the members will not be allowed to participate in promotions for their other groups. After seven months, they will promote as UNB and UNI.T for 35 days (as agreed upon by the members) over the course of the following six months. Aside from those 35 days, they will be allowed to freely promote with their other groups.

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