“Infinite Challenge” Responds To Reports Of Potential Member Changes

“Infinite Challenge” may be going through more changes.

Previously, it was confirmed that Kim Tae Ho will no longer be head director of the program.

On March 5, industry representatives reported that the original members Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, HaHa, and Jung Joon Ha expressed their collective opinion to step down from the program to allow for a fresh start.

It was reported that the new director Choi Haeng Ho is working on casting new members, and Yang Se Hyung and Jo Se Ho are in discussion with the production team for the direction of the program.

In response to the reports about member changes, a source from MBC commented, “We are discussing various measures for the transition of ‘Infinite Challenge.'”

A source from Yoo Jae Suk’s agency also responded, “Nothing has been decided regarding Yoo Jae Suk leaving ‘Infinite Challenge.’ Various possibilities are being discussed.”

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