Female Idols Lovingly Describe Their Groups And Share Where They Want To Be In 10 Years

If S.E.S and Fin.K.L were the first generation idols, then the second generation consisted of Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, KARA, and so forth. The third generation of idols included groups like SISTAR, Girl’s Day, APink, and more, and the fourth generation of idols consists of groups that are currently and widely promoting.

Members from five of these fourth generation girl groups, including gugudan’s Mina, MOMOLAND’s JooE, Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung, Weki Meki’s Doyeon, and PRISTIN’s Sungyeon, recently sat down for an interview.

The girls first talked about their groups and described what they are good at. Mina shared, “The name ‘gugudan’ means that nine charming girls are grouped together. We’re a group that uses various motifs such as famous paintings, stories, and films in our music. I think what’s special about our music is that it has a story in it. Our unique key point is that every album has a different story.”

Dayoung talked about Cosmic Girls, saying, “First of all, we have a lot of members. We have 13 members, so I think we have more to show on stage. We can organize and create a variety of choreography. Because we have a lot of members, we can also do well in lots of areas, such as singing, dancing, beauty, variety shows, and more.”

JooE chose MOMOLAND’s energy and talent as their best qualities. “A lot of people compliment us for showing lots of energy in our performances,” she added.

Sungyeon shared about PRISTIN’s strong qualities, saying, “We’re a group that communicates well [with fans]. Our members have always participated in our albums by writing lyrics, composing, choreographing, and arranging songs. I think we are unique in our ability to put our own color and stories into our albums and performances.”

Doyeon shared that Weki Meki practiced an incredible amount for their performances. “Before we made our comeback with ‘La La La,’ we practiced to the point that our throats got really dry and we almost threw up. I think because of all that sweat and effort, we were able to put on a strong performance. I think our songs are really great, too. Our album’s tracks are so good that I listen to them every day. I think Weki Meki is a group that people can enjoy listening to and watching.”

The girls were then asked to share about a fellow member who they think should be more well-known. Doyeon explained that while she thinks the entire group is really funny and that if Weki Meki did a reality program, people would be able to see even more of he group’s charms, she chose Lua as a member she wants to boast about. “Lua has a lot of energy, and is really cute as well. She can dance and sing well, too.”

Sungyeon shared, “Lee Hong Ki once told us that he thought our group [PRISTIN] is like the female BTOB. All of our members are funny, but we do have a comedy trio. Eunwoo, Yooha, and I make up the comedic team. Even our fans are probably unaware because Yooha and I are usually quiet, but in the dorms, we’re the loudest.”

JooE picked Yeonwoo and explained that she had an unexpected charm to her. She commented, “On stage, she has a strong charisma, but when she comes off stage, she’s weird and interesting. She’s also really pretty but actually pretty clumsy.”

Dayoung also revealed that Cosmic Girls has a comedic team as well. She explained, “Exy, Seolah, and Subin are the comedic unit in our group. The three of them bicker and it’s really funny. They even use a room together, so in the dorms, that room is the loudest. They laugh all day. I think it would be funny to see on a reality show.”

Mina chose gugudan’s Nayoung and commented, “She has a lot of energy. Like MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo, she has a lot of charisma on stage, but when she comes off stage, she trips on stairs and is pretty clumsy. In our dorm, we have a disco ball speaker, and she’ll dance while holding the disco ball.”

The five girl group members then shared where they think they will be in 10 years. Sungyeon commented, “I hope the members and I will be happy together like how we are now. I personally want to buy a building 10 years later.”

Doyeon expressed, “If someone asks me if I’m happy now, I can say that I am. In 10 years, I would like it if I could answer the same way without hesitation. I also want Weki Meki to grow into a skillful group that everyone can acknowledge.”

Mina explained, “I think the long run is important. Even when I’m 30 years old, I want to actively promote like our seniors Girls’ Generation. I also want to build a house and live with my parents.”

Dayoung also brought up their seniors Girls’ Generation and stated, “I dreamed of becoming a singer by watching Girls’ Generation, so I hope that in 10 years, someone will see Cosmic Girls and also dream of becoming a singer. I also want to be active as an MC and try sitcoms.”

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