5 Things We Loved And 4 Things We Hated About Episodes 11 And 12 Of “Radio Romance”

As the romance continues to heat up between Ji Soo Ho and Song Geu Rim, we can’t help but fall in love with the pair. The way Su Ho looks at Geu Rim and is so in love with her has been giving us butterflies week after week. As the two figure out how to be together, there are obviously some obstacles that are in the way of them being truly happy. Here’s a look at the 5 things we loved and the 4 things we hated about this past week’s episodes.

1. LOVED: Song Geu Rim taking the initiative to give a kiss to Ji Soo Ho

After Ji Soo Ho tells Geu Rim that he is going to continue being a radio DJ, he becomes upset that Geu Rim didn’t trust him and thought he was going to quit. Ji Soo Ho goes on a rant saying how disappointed he is that she didn’t believe in him and she plants a kiss on him to shut him up.

2. HATED: Soo Ho’s mother being persistent in making sure he doesn’t do radio

Why can’t his “mom” just let him be and do the radio?! She is becoming more and more aggravating. Her control issues and needing to get what she wants really gets under my skin.


3. LOVED: That cute moment where Soo Ho has to go work, but doesn’t want to leave Geu Rim

These short and adorable moments between the two continue to give me butterflies. The cuteness is just too much to handle.

4. HATED: Writer Ra Hee continuing to rub their program going on hiatus in Geu Rim’s face

When the team becomes notified that they are to take a temporary break from doing their radio program, Ra Hee is obviously the first one to rub it in Geu Rim’s face. There is not a character I despise more than this one.


5. LOVED: The adorable presents that Soo Ho puts together for Geu Rim

Geu Rim finally opens the presents that Soo Ho had given her along with the car. She is touched at his thoughtfulness, but we really didn’t expect anything less from our romantic leading man, did we?

6. LOVED: Song Geu Rim showing her trust by waiting for Soo Ho to come home

After Soo Ho finds out that Geu Rim and the PD were hiding the fact that his mom was responsible for their radio show coming to a halt, he can’t help but show his displeasure. Geu Rim feels bad about the whole situation and decides to wait in front of his house until he comes home to show her persistence and to apologize. It’s a sweet gesture that really shows how much she cares for him!

7. HATED: Seeing the painful look of heartbreak on our second lead’s face

We all know that Geu Rim and Soo Ho are meant to be, but it still doesn’t stop us from feeling awful for the PD when Geu Rim tells him that she likes Soo Ho.

8. LOVED: Soo Ho showing up just before 4 a.m. to do the show

It had seemed like Soo Ho was set in not wanting to do the radio show at four in the morning, but with all the convincing from Geu Rim, he ends up caving. I love how he swiftly walks in and sits in the radio booth!


It’s something we weren’t really expecting the PD to do, but this just got way more dramatic. Just when Geu Rim is about to get in the car with Soo Ho, he stops her. Let’s hope he doesn’t embarrass himself in the next episodes to come!

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