P.O On The Future Of Block B + His Aspirations As An Actor

It has been close to eight years since P.O debuted in Block B. Earlier in January, Block B released their repackaged album “Re:MONTAGE” and held their group concert. In a recent interview, P.O talked a little about the future of Block B. He said, “The members do talk about our lives. All seven of us are close; we meet for drinks and talk about what we should do [about the future]. As we have our own individual plans, we try to listen and respect each other’s opinions. I’m unable to share much now, but I think a decision [about whether or not we’ll stay together] will be made by next year.”

When asked about his own direction, he shared, “I would like to both perform and act. I want to be able to sing when I want and act when I want.”

P.O added, “Plays aren’t something that you can do just because you want to, but our CEO and members were very understanding. It’s also a promise that I made with my friends, but I would like to perform at least once every year. Even if it’s extremely difficult, I want to try a lot of different things. When it’s time to discuss contract renewal, I will be bringing this up. Even if I go to a different company, I’m going to tell them that I want to do a play every year.”

Although it’s possible that I’ll try my hand in something [other than acting], I think I’ll need to reach an agreement with my theater group. After all, they’ve also put everything on the line. However, if the opportunity arises, I would like to try out other plays with my friends, and make a web-drama. I am working hard on that, although I would need money (laughs).”

P.O continued, “I’ve spoken a lot about becoming an actor and theatrical group that others can look up to. Because working hard and facing challenges head on from a young age could be something to aspire to. I think people would think well of [that kind of attitude].

“I was mischievous in high school. I created trouble, skipped school, and the teachers often scolded us and [questioned our ability to act.] I wanted to show them that we made it, so I invited them all to our premiere. I told them, ‘I told you we could do it.’ Even as I grow older, I want to [maintain a youthful attitude] and work hard. I have an incredibly strong sense of pride, and I will keep my word.”

P.O pondered for awhile when he was asked about his theatrical troupe. Instead of a huge dream, he shared a simple goal: “Just like the name of the troupe, I hope that, even after becoming older, we will continue to perform with the innocence and passion of youth. I hope that those who come to watch our plays will feel that we are genuine about the productions that we put on, instead of feeling that we are performing for money.”

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