Park Jin Hee Shares Serious Conversation With Kim Dong Young In “Return”

Return” is a crime thriller about a lawyer named Choi Ja Hye (Park Jin Hee) and a detective named Dok Go Young (Lee Jin Wook) who try to solve a murder case in which the four suspects are wealthy, privileged members of the upper class.

Park Jin Hee plays Choi Ja Hye, the prosecutor who stepped down from being a judge due to an unknown reason. Kim Dong Young plays Kim Dong Bae, the detective who works hand-in-hand with Dok Go Young.

In the newly released stills, Choi Ja Hye and Kim Dong Bae stand face-to-face while sharing a serious conversation. Choi Ja Hye startles Kim Dong Bae as she hands him an item in the midst of their conversation. The two characters avoid each others’ gaze at the end of their conversation, sparking curiosity on what’s to come.

During the filming, both actors took a deep breath before fully immersing themselves into their characters, creating a tense atmosphere. Park Jin Hee perfectly portrayed Choi Ja Hye, who calmly restrained her emotions, and Kim Dong Young depicted Kim Dong Bae, looking teary and bursting into anger upon hearing what Choi Ja Hye said. Both actors successfully completed the scene in one take.


Previously on Episode 22, Choi Ja Hye and Kim Dong Bae shocked viewers when they were revealed to be murder accomplices. The episode ended when Choi Ja Hye was seen in Kim Dong Bae’s house with Seon Ah, Ko Seok Soon (Seo Hye Rin)’s daughter whom Dok Go Young has been searching for, lying on her lap.

A source from the drama commented, “More hints will be shared on the relationship between Choi Ja Hye and Kim Dong Bae in the upcoming episode. How did they end up being murder accomplices? What secret lies between Choi Ja Hye and Kim Dong Bae? Please look forward to how the story will unfold.”

Find out the answers in episodes 23 and 24 of “Return,” which airs on March 7 at 10 p.m. KST. Meanwhile, check out the latest episode below!

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