“Infinite Challenge” Announces End Date Of Current Season

MBC has revealed more details on the upcoming transition for “Infinite Challenge.”

On March 7, Kwon Suk, the director of MBC’s variety department, met with reporters after a press conference to answer questions about “Infinite Challenge.”

Responding to the reports of potential member changes, he commented, “We are in discussion with the ‘Infinite Challenge’ members. We also want all the current members to continue together. We have been having phone calls and meetings, but each member has different thoughts, and they said they will discuss with each other. There has been no decision on members leaving yet.”

The last episode with PD Kim Tae Ho is set to air on March 31. On how the program will continue afterwards with PD Choi Haeng Ho, Kwon Suk shared, “We don’t know if we will immediately continue filming with the second season in April.” He added that Kim Tae Ho’s idea was to take a break before the next season, and this is an option that is also being discussed.

Kwon Suk concluded, “We will end [the season] well,” and asked viewers to look forward to it.

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