Heo Young Ji Talks About Her Relationship With Ha Hyun Woo And Their Dating Style

On March 7, Song Gang and Heo Young Ji appeared on the “Love Episode” segment of the radio show “Park So Hyun’s Love Game.”

The “Love Episode” segment is where two guests reenact the love stories that are sent to them by listeners on the show. As this was Heo Young Ji’s first live broadcast after publicly acknowledging her relationship with singer Ha Hyun Woo, Park So Hyun congratulated her as soon as the show began.

When asked where the two went on dates, Heo Young Ji said, “He’s always producing music so we mostly hang out around his studio, and we take walks nearby.”

She added, “We go out on walks a lot, but we go to the movie theater afterwards. We don’t go to watch movies, but we go to eat popcorn. He has to go back to the studio to make music right after eating popcorn… I found that charming.”

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