Watch: GOT7 Takes On Funny Games In Preview For Next “Weekly Idol” Episode

“Weekly Idol” has shared a preview for next week’s episode featuring GOT7!

At the end of the March 7 episode, the preview showed GOT7 being welcomed back to the famous third-floor basement studio as guests on “Weekly Idol.”

In the clips, the guys put their all in to some games for what promises to be a hilarious episode. They appear to be eagerly trying to guess something off set, with JB and Youngjae even bending over to get a better glimpse, and the captions tease fans by saying, “What is this game?” and “Why are they doing this?”

In another game, the guys have a great time trying to drag each other forcefully off a mat, with Yugyeom screaming, “Save me!” while under attack.

Check out the preview below!

GOT7’s episode of “Weekly Idol” will air on March 14 at 6 p.m. KST on MBC every1.