Lee Seung Gi Shares His Passion For Acting And Variety Shows

On March 7, Lee Seung Gi appeared on V Live session “Chat With Actors,” where he talked about his new film, his acting, his love for variety shows, and more.

The star proved his popularity with 2 million hearts on the show during just the introduction. However, he showed his humbleness as he commented, “I’m not really a person who was born with talent.” When asked what his secret was to receiving so much love, he shared, “If I knew, I would use it all the time, but I really don’t know. I’m just always thankful. If effort is considered something where you work hard without tiring, I think I could call that tenacity my talent.”

Host Park Kyung Lim then brought up his recent popular film “The Princess and the Matchmaker.” She mentioned that it was his second film ever, and asked him why he had chosen the film. He explained, “I like historical pieces, and coincidentally a good script came. I enjoyed reading it, and thought that I wanted to try it. I’m not the type to be born with talent, so I like characters who are born with genius. Seo Do Yoon was like that, so I wanted to do it.” He also chose veteran singer Lee Sun Hee as a star who was born with talent. On the success of his film, he commented, “It seems that people are giving it good reviews, so I’m trying to stay humble.”

Lee Seung Gi also talked about his passion for acting, when asked about the chemistry between himself and himself as an actor. He commented, “I would rate the chemistry between myself and myself as an actor five stars. I really like acting. Even when there’s difficult times, my desire to act never falters. I think that’s chemistry.”

The star also talked about his love for variety shows, and Kang Ho Dong. Lee Seung Gi brought up the fact that everyone who works with Kang Ho Dong learns a lot about variety shows. He gave examples, such as not being able to wear hats during openings, and how the MC had told him that no one had a right to be tired while filming. He joked, “But I think I had the right to be tired. Isn’t that a right?” He continued, “While doing ‘2 Days & 1 Night,’ and ‘Strong Heart,’ I learned to start and end in the best, clearest, and energetic way.”

The actor then picked his favorites among his past and current variety show cast members. Between Lee Sang Yoon and Eun Ji Won, he chose Lee Sang Yoon and explained, “Eun Ji Won doesn’t really care a lot about this stuff. But if Lee Sang Yoon didn’t get picked, he’s the type of person who would analyze why he didn’t get picked.”

Between Lee Soo Geun and Kang Ho Dong, he picked the latter and commented that the MC had picked him as a favorite on “Ask Us Anything,” so he thought he should return the favor. He then had to choose between Lee Seo Jin and producer Na Young Suk, and so he picked, “I’m seeing Lee Seo Jin tomorrow, so I’ll pick him.” Lee Seung Gi finally chose Kang Ho Dong as his favorite out of his variety show castmates. He joked, “Lee Seo Jin would be happy that he was at least runner-up. If he had won, he would have told me off for picking him.”

He expressed his love for variety shows even further and rated his chemistry with variety shows as six stars. He explained, “To be honest, throughout life there’s not a lot of times where you can laugh a lot. But variety shows gives me motivation. Whenever I work on variety shows, I get a headache. I don’t think I’m good at variety shows, so I try hard. So I get headaches thinking about that, but I also laugh a lot to counteract that, so I enjoy variety shows.”

His fellow “Master in the House” cast member BOTB’s Yook Sungjae then called in during the broadcast to support the actor. The idol explained, “When I went on auditions, I sang Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Delete’ and passed. I’m learning a lot from him on things like how to treat your elders and his passion. I really want to act with him in the future.” He joked, “If we do, I want to play a role that’s older than Lee Seung Gi.”

What’s your favorite Lee Seung Gi acting role or variety show?

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