Update: Sung Hoon’s Agency And Song Ji Eun Respond To Dating Reports

Updated March 8 KST:

Following the response from Sung Hoon’s agency, Song Ji Eun has personally addressed the dating reports.

She wrote, “I just saw the news. I think fans must have been very surprised,” and added, “I am so sorry, but I think I’ll have to relay statements through my Instagram for awhile.”

She denied the dating reports, sharing that she has maintained close friendships with all the actors and staff of “My Secret Romance” including Sung Hoon.

Song Ji Eun also denied that she expressed to Sung Hoon that she wants to quit Secret to focus on acting and that she is in talks to sign with his agency, which were points mentioned in the original report.

She concluded, “I no longer want to cause harm to people who are unrelated to me. I hope people won’t misunderstand. I will greet you soon with good news. To fans that are worrying, don’t worry! Have a nice day.”

Sung Hoon also commented on her post, joking about the false reports. He wrote with laughing symbols, “You wanted to quit Secret and focus on acting? You should’ve told me,” and “If you want to join Stallion, let me know. I’ll tell our CEO and keep it open especially for you.” 

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Original Article:

Sung Hoon’s agency has responded to reports of the actor dating Song Ji Eun.

On March 8, it was reported that Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun began dating after the conclusion of their drama “My Secret Romance.” The news outlet also shared that Song Ji Eun is in talks to sign with Sung Hoon’s agency.

However, Sung Hoon’s agency Stallion Entertainment denied the reports, explaining that they are no more or less than close friends. The agency commented, “They are co-stars that became close through the drama. They have developed their friendship while meeting up and talking once in awhile.”

The agency also denied that Song Ji Eun is in talks to sign with Stallion Entertainment.

“My Secret Romance” is an OCN drama that aired from April through May of 2017.

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