Lee Seung Gi Reveals He’s Never Received A Confession From A Female Celebrity

In a recent interview, Lee Seung Gi confessed that he has never received a confession from a female celebrity before.

He said, “There has never been an instance when someone has told me that they are interested [in me]. It fascinates me when I hear from others that they’ve received a confession. Why don’t I receive any? I am not too sure about the reason myself.”

Lee Seung Gi laughed and suggested, “Maybe I’m difficult [to approach]. I should give people some more leeway. I should walk around with my number pasted on my chest.”

“If there’s someone that comes along and the feelings are mutual, I am open to dating. However, at this moment, my focus is on work. It is not that I only intend to work and not date; it’s just that most of my energy is invested in work,” said the actor.

Lee Seung Gi recently completed his drama “Hwayugi,” and his movie “The Princess and the Matchmaker” is currently a hit in Korean theaters.

If you haven’t already, check out “Hwayugi” below!

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