MBC Fires 3 Employees For Sexual Violence And Abuse Of Power

MBC has announced that it is taking disciplinary action and working towards the eradication of sexual violence in the workplace.

The following is an official statement released by MBC on March 8:

“‘We will work towards the eradication of sexual violence.’

“MBC has decided to fire three employees who committed actions including sexual violence and abuse of power in regards to external production companies.

“The company has a zero tolerance policy in regards to acts of sexual violence and has decided to impose severe disciplinary actions.

“MBC feels heavily responsible for failing to prevent such incidences from occurring, and regrets it. Also, we realize that there is still complacency about sexual violence in the workplace, and we think it is unfortunate.

“The company is in the midst of revising its regulations to prevent further sexual violence cases. We will work on improving shortcomings through actions such as making reports from managers compulsory, as well as the immediate isolation of perpetrators. We will also reinforce preventive education for all employees for the eradication of sexual violence.

“MBC will continue to have a zero tolerance policy, take stringent actions, and make efforts for the eradication of sexual violence.”

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