f(x)’s Amber Shows Positivity And Confidence As She Replies To Criticism Of Her Behavior And Appearance

After receiving a comment on Instagram that criticized her actions and appearance, f(x) member Amber replied and shared her thoughts.

On March 8, Amber posted a screenshot of the comment and her reply to her Instagram story and Twitter account, as well as shared a text post with some related comments.

The original comment accused Amber of acting and dressing in a certain way because she’s trying to please other people who don’t care about her. In addition to saying she’s “making [a] fool of herself,” they wrote that she “behaves even dresses as a homeless guy,” called her “pathetic,” and said, “She needs to take herself more seriously.”

Amber replied to tell them they had it all wrong, explaining that she no longer cares anymore and instead tries to enjoy what she’s doing.

“I sleep 3 hours a night, work all day, forget to eat a lot of the time.. dunno what else I can do for you,” she wrote. “So I’m sorry I can’t take myself more ‘seriously.'”

She added that she’s currently working on six projects at once, and asked for patience in the lead-up to their release. “In the end, I’m happy the way I am but thanks for caring enough to share your opinion with me,” she said. “I’ll keep working hard.”

In her additional post she wrote, “I’m not afraid to stand up for myself anymore. I’ll be nice when I can but it doesn’t mean I’m not human and that I don’t have feelings. I will always stand for love and understanding. So people… please chill out and have some fun. Life ain’t always about being ‘number 1’ and having ‘things’ just to be cool. Just be you and help each other!”

See her full reply and post below:

Amber also shared a taste of her upcoming mixtape with some lyrics!