MAMAMOO Talks About Overcoming Obstacles For Comeback And Ideal Collaboration Partners

On March 9, MAMAMOO appeared as guests on the KBS Cool FM radio show “Lee Soo Ji’s Song Plaza.”

During the show, Solar shared that the group had overcome a lot of obstacles while preparing for their most recent comeback. “I hurt my back and I couldn’t dance at all at first,” she said. “I was really worried about what we’d do for the song. A lot of people were anticipating new music from us, but because of the injury, there was a delay.”

She continued, “The day we shot the music video also had a lot of problems. We filmed out in nature in New Zealand. The weather there is supposed to be gorgeous, but when we went, we’d have sunny days and then rainy days and there were a lot of ups and downs.”

The group was also asked if they had any artists in mind with whom they would like to collaborate. Wheein said, “I want to work with [singer-songwriter] Sam Kim. If an opportunity arises, I would like to make some music with him.”

MAMAMOO made their comeback on March 7 with “Yellow Flower” and title track “Starry Night.”

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