Watch: GOT7 Performs Upcoming Track “Look” For 1st Time During Surprise Visit To A High School

GOT7 performed their new song for the first time ever during a surprise visit to a high school!

On March 9’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” the guys of GOT7 surprised students at Hanlim Multi Art School, which happens to be Yugyeom’s alma mater. Before they went in, the host asked them what they’d do if there was no reaction when they made their big entrance.

“We have a plan B,” joked Jackson. “If there’s no reaction, we right away go to another school.”

Inside an auditorium, the high school students were waiting for what they thought was going to be a lecture by a television network producing director. Instead, they were shocked to see GOT7 come on stage to perform “Hard Carry,” and the students screamed in excitement.

The members performed a fun dance battle with the students, before they announced that they’d perform “Look” for the first time ever for the students.

Watch their dance battle and get a preview of “Look” below!

GOT7’s “Look” is the title track off their upcoming mini album “Eyes on You,” and it was co-composed by leader JB. Their new release is due out on March 12 at 6 p.m. KST.

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