BIGBANG’s Seungri Makes A Sweet Gift For Lee Si Young’s New Baby

BIGBANG member Seungri appeared on the latest episode of “I Live Alone,” which showed him creating a gift for the new baby of his neighbor, actress Lee Si Young!

In the March 9 episode of “I Live Alone,” the cast was surprised when they watched footage of Seungri sitting on his living room floor and cross-stitching a pattern on baby shoes as he talked about business with colleagues on the phone.

Seungri said in his interview that he was working on the project as a gift for his neighbor, who’d just had a baby. The neighbour turned out to be actress Lee Si Young, who recently had her first child!

“When I was young, I used to do a lot of cross-stitching,” he explained. He also said that he first came to know Lee Si Young because they went to the same skin treatment clinic, and then they ended up living next door each other.

Seungri later went to visit Lee Si Young, and presented her with the shoes and clothes for her baby.

She was touched by his gift and said, “These are so beautiful! You really made them?”

Seungri explained that since her son was born in the year of the chicken according to the Chinese zodiac, he’d cross-stitched chicks on the shoes.

“I’m so touched, thank you so much!” she said. “I’ll put them on him and send you a photo.”

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