“Infinite Challenge” Cast Takes Hilarious Selfies With Strawberries

The upcoming episode of “Infinite Challenge” is an “I Miss You, Friend!” special, where the cast members go on a spring outing. The members’ online social media friends will vote on the things they want to see their friends do. Their decision will then be a mission that the members must fulfill.

In the newly released stills, the members visit a hotel’s strawberry buffet and take some comical selfies.

Yoo Jae Suk wears a wig with a bun on top of his head, and his face has wrinkles, eyebrows, and a mustache drawn on with black marker. He poses in a friendly way, showing off the fresh strawberries and the sweet desserts he eats at the buffet.

Jo Se Ho wears a traditional wig and garb usually worn by women. He takes a selfie with a Barbie doll, while HaHa has his hair slicked back while showing off his strawberry treats.

The members have fun at the strawberry buffet as they pose and enjoy all types of strawberry-flavored goodies.

It was previously revealed that the show will air its last episode with PD Kim Tae Ho on March 31, which will also be the final episode of this season. Member changes are reportedly still being discussed.

“Infinite Challenge” airs every Saturday at 6:25 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the latest episode below!

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