Kim Sook And Ra Mi Ran In Talks To Reunite Through New Variety Show

Kim Sook and Ra Mi Ran might be appearing in a new variety show together!

On March 10, a source from tvN stated that Kim Sook and Ra Mi Ran are in talks for a variety show created by producer Kim Yoo Gon.

The variety show is reportedly still in the planning stages, but it will most likely begin filming in June and is expected to air in the latter half of the year. Producer Kim Yoo Gon, who created popular MBC variety show “Dad! Where Are We Going?” previously moved to CJ E&M in 2016 and has been active as a producer for tvN, creating variety shows such as “Leaving the Nest.”

An industry insider stated, “The program is still in the early stages, with the title and concept still being put together. The production staff is also contacting other potential cast members as well.”

Kim Sook and Ra Mi Ran previously showed off their close friendship and chemistry on KBS’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk.” You can watch the show below!

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