YG Asks Fans To Refrain From Sending Letters To G-Dragon’s Military Unit

On March 10, YG Entertainment released a statement regarding fans sending letters to G-Dragon during his military enlistment.

YG Entertainment first thanked fans for their concerns and shared that the singer was doing well with training. The agency then stated that the large influx of letters had flooded the unit’s email, and that this had created some problems for the unit. Unable to print out the large volume of messages for G-Dragon, not only was he unable to read all the messages, but his fellow soldiers were also unable to receive their own letters. The agency concluded by requesting the fans to refrain a little from sending messages to the unit.

Read YG Entertainment’s full statement below:

“This is an urgent message from YG Entertainment to all of G-Dragon’s fans.

“On February 27, as a man of the Republic of Korea, G-Dragon began his mandatory military service. Thanks to all your warm support, he’s been doing well with training.

“Due to the large number of letters, however, G-Dragon has been put in an awkward situation within his unit, so we ask for one request.

“The training center’s email account has been flooded with messages to G-Dragon, to the point that it is preventing the operations of the unit. The unit prints the emails to distribute to the soldiers, but the A4 paper and printer ink have apparently almost run out. Due to the overload, the unit is having problems with the supply and demand of providing the messages, making it difficult for the other soldiers to receive their letters.

“G-Dragon has become increasingly apologetic towards his fellow soldiers, and he is even more sorry that he is unable to read all the messages sent to him.

“While being in a new environment, he is thankful for his fans and feels strength from their support. However, in order for G-Dragon’s life at his training center to go smoothly, we would be very thankful if fans could refrain a little from sending their letters.

“Thank you for reading until the end.”

G-Dragon enlisted on February 27, where he entered the 3rd Infantry Division recruit training center. He is scheduled to be discharged from the military on November 26, 2019.

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