Watch: EXO’s Suho Talks About His Duet With Jang Jae In + Wonders About His Group Members

On March 10, SM Station’s Facebook page released a behind-the-scenes video on EXO’s Suho and Jang Jae In’s recent music video.

The two singers collaborated on two tracks for SM Station, “Do You Have a Moment” and “Dinner,” released on March 9 and 10 respectively.

At the beginning of the video, Suho adorably grumbled about his members, joking that they should have sent him a food truck or come to visit him. (He called out D.O. and Sehun in particular because they’re both filming movies and “make a lot of money.”) He also wondered if they even knew he’s filming a music video today, noting that Sehun was asleep when he went out.

Suho also talked about the concept of the music video, such Jang Jae In being inspired by the tough concept of “Million Dollar Baby” while he was going for a “church oppa” vibe. He also shared his experience writing lyrics for the first time in a while and how he conferred with Jang Jae In to bring out the feelings of the song.