Park Jin Young Talks About A Misunderstanding When He Debuted And Future Goals

Park Jin Young appeared on the March 10 episode of “Ask Us Anything” along with GOT7, where he talked about being mistaken for Jung Woo Sung early in his career and also his future goals.

He first talked about how he was able to finally debut and make it after failing countless auditions. He shared that through producer Kim Hyung Suk, he was finally able to debut, but because his agency had been small, he was unable to appear in anything to promote. He explained, “For nine months, I didn’t do any radio programs or TV shows.”

Park Jin Young continued, “Jung Woo Sung had filmed his first commercial, and [because my song was used in it] the bottom of the commercial stated, ‘Park Jin Young’s ‘Don’t Leave Me.” So everyone thought that Jung Woo Sung was me. We were both rookies so they thought that I had Jung Woo Sung’s face.”

He explained that this misunderstanding had been resolved during his first television appearance and performance. He commented that he had been wearing a scarf, fur pants, and a plastic jacket and that the agency had given him a perm the night before, which meant that he was sweating buckets even before his performance. He shared, “The viewers were waiting for Jung Woo Sung, so they were quite shocked.”Now a successful producer and singer, Park Jin Young talked about his upcoming goals. Kang Ho Dong mentioned, “They say that you haven’t had your glory days yet. Apparently you said that you wanted your prime to be when you’re 60 years old.” The singer responded, “My plan is to dance to the point where I hear, ‘How can he dance like that?’ when I’m 60 years old.” He continued, “For about three years, I studied a lot of medicine and biology. I calculated until what age I could maintain the best body, and it came out to around 60 years old.”

Kang Ho Dong then jokingly asked if the singer had already planned if he had already planned out his 70s and 80s as well, to which he answered, “I haven’t. Right now, it’s really hard to live like this every day. I’m confidence that I can do it until I’m 60 years old. But after that, I’m going to eat what I want and not exercise.”

Park Jin Young also talked about his goals as an artist. He shared, “My life goal right now is to have a concert entitled ’50 No. 1.’ So far, [including writing lyrics and composing,] I have 47 songs that have placed No. 1 on weekly music charts. If I’m able to do three more, I’m going to invite all the singers that participated in those songs and have a concert. There’s going to be a red carpet, with singers like Park Ji Yoon, Rain, g.o.d, Uhm Jung Hwa, and more.”He then shared a third, more personal goal of writing a book. He explained, “I want to write in a book on how and why I lived my life. I’m hoping that this book will help juniors in the industry when they ponder over why they’re pursuing this type of life. I want this book to help prevent juniors from becoming depressed or giving up.”

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