Son Ye Jin Chooses Between Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, And Jung Woo Sung

Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub were interviewed about their upcoming film on MBC’s “Section TV.”

On the March 11 broadcast of the entertainment news show, the two actors answered questions about working together on the film “Be With You.” When VIXX member and special news reporter N asked if they felt different as time had passed since working together 17 years ago, So Ji Sub answered, “Not at all.”

The actor was then asked if there were any moments his heart fluttered while filming the movie, So JI Sub answered, “My heart always fluttered.” Son Ye Jin laughed and said, “When you say it like that, it sounds fake.”

He denied this and explained, “It’s true. Our film shows the process of [the characters] from when they’re in school to them becoming a married couple. After acting all of that out, it felt like we’re meeting for the first time, holding hands for the first time, and kissing for the first time. It really made my heart flutter.”

Son Ye Jin is best friends with actress Gong Hyo Jin, who also has experience working with So Ji Sub on-screen. When asked if she received any advice from her best friend, Son Ye Jin revealed, “[She said that] he’s a really nice person and praised him a lot. He really is the king of thoughtfulness.” So Ji Sub shyly laughed and commented, “I’m not that nice of a person.”

After appearing on many romance films, Son Ye Jin is described as “the queen of melo films.” She acted in the film “Classic” with Jo In Sung, “A Moment to Remember” with Jung Woo Sung, and “Be With You” with So Ji Sub.

When asked about the differences between these actors, Son Ye Jin laughed and said, “It’s already been 14 years and it’s been a while.” So Ji Sub quickly paraphrased the question and told her, “I think they want you to choose one out of the three.”

N explained that this wasn’t his intention, but since So Ji Sub seemed to want it that way, N asked her to choose between the three actors.

Son Ye Jin jokingly replied, “Of course it’s…Jung Woo Sung” and So Ji Sub interjected, “I didn’t even expect you [to pick me]!” Son Ye Jin added, “I’m kidding. Of course, it’s So Ji Sub.”

“Be With You” will premiere in theaters in Korea on March 14.

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