B1A4’s Baro Denies Dating Rumors And Apologizes To Fans

B1A4’s Baro recently wrote two letters to fans. The first letter addresses dating speculations while the second letter is an apology to fans. Previously, Baro was accused of engaging in “lovestagram” (the act of “dating/communicating” with another person on Instagram through secret messages relayed through videos and images).

First Letter:

“Hello, this is B1A4’s Baro.

“I am sincerely thankful for the many fans who shared their concerns and criticisms through social media.

“I knew that these rumors were spreading a little through Twitter since when I appeared in the drama ‘Angry Mom.’ I get along closely with all of my fellow actors that were in the drama and we are only colleagues. We are not a couple the way fans are misunderstanding. I knew it wasn’t the truth, so I did not bring it up separately before.

“However, photos that were maliciously edited to look as though they are the truth were spreading rapidly. My heart hurts that fans who love me were misunderstanding. This lead me to write in order to accurately explain this situation to fans.

“Once again, I confidently relay that the friend is only a colleague and I definitely! did not! do lovestagram as fans are worried about. I swear on my name that I did not do anything shameful.

“I think fans got hurt after going through this and my heart hurt so much after seeing fans’ messages. It reminded me once again of how much love I have received and how much you care about me. I will work hard at everything and work to improve myself. I apologize once again for making fans worry. I love you.

Lastly, I’m even more sorry that I am writing for the first time in a long while due to this issue.
I will do better in the future BANA!!”

Second Letter:

“Hello, this is B1A4’s Baro.

“First, I sincerely apologize for hurting fans who support and care for me. Right now I don’t know how to express my feelings in words and I’m scared and fearful even now. I need to tell my story through this letter but I’m worried that you will get hurt more because of me. However, after seeing fans’ messages I will try to gather courage and talk.

“It has already been seven years since debuting through B1A4. Time has flown by and B1A4 became everyday life. BANA is always with me like air and I continue to receive a lot of love. I think I became a person who got used to it. I thought the way I shared my everyday life and expressed my thoughts was cool. I think I acted inconsiderately to the many people who love me. I think I hurt fans who love me because of my foolishness and my shortcomings. I am so sorry to the fans who trusted me and made an effort to cover up the pain because they love me. If I could turn back time I would turn it back.

“However, I will self-reflect on who I am today in order to become a person who can always return the love fans give me. These words will not heal hurt feelings but I will try to repay you through my efforts. Also, I am so sorry about sharing these words so late. I will become a person whose actions speak louder than my words and someone who gives love instead of wounds. I will remember these feelings of gratitude and firmly engrave them into my heart. Thank you.”

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