Jun Hyun Moo Names One Of His Favorite Things About Girlfriend Han Hye Jin

Park Myung Soo couldn’t stop asking Jun Hyun Moo questions about his girlfriend Han Hye Jin while they filmed a show together!

The March 12 episode of tvN’s “We Are the One” was filmed on the day that the news came out about Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin’s relationship. The episode showed the cast during a break period, when Jun Hyun Moo was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

His fellow cast member Park Myung Soo joked, “Why isn’t he coming back? Han Hye Jin must be here. They must be meeting in the car.” He said if the crew gave him a camera, he’d go check.

He then headed out into the hall with a camera, and found Jun Hyun Moo walking while looking at his phone. Jun Hyun Moo burst out laughing when he saw that Park Myung Soo was taking a close-up.

“How are you feeling?” asked Park Myung Soo, getting a close shot of his face. Jun Hyun Moo laughed and replied, “I’m hoping that we’ll finish soon.”

Later on, Park Myung Soo kept mentioning Han Hye Jin to Jun Hyun Moo. “Does your girlfriend like camping?” he asked him. When Jun Hyun Moo gave him a one-word answer to say that she does, Park Myung Soo complained, “You’re not answering sincerely.”

At another point, Park Myung Soo asked Jun Hyun Moo what he thinks the most charming thing about Han Hye Jin is.

Jun Hyun Moo replied, “Her dimple is so pretty. I want to live in it.”

Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin also recently talked about the story of their relationship on “I Live Alone.”

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