Cosmic Girls Members Share An Issue As A 13-Member Group

On the latest episode of “Hello Counselor,” members of Cosmic Girl shared one of their own concerns!

“Hello Counselor” is a weekly talk show in which people share their worries, and the panel of hosts and celebrity guests give them advice and talk about whether or not their story is a true concern. The celebrities are also given the chance to talk about their own stories as well.

On the March 12 episode of the show, Cosmic Girls members Bona, Cheng Xiao, and Yoo Yeonjung appeared as guests.

When asked if they have any concerns, Yoo Yeonjung said, “We have thirteen members, we have the most among girl groups.”

“We live in a dorm, with all of us in the same place,” she continued. “The competition to use a bathroom is really intense.” She explained that waiting for a turn to shower in a bathroom can take two hours because there are so many of them.

Bona also said, “When our schedule is really tight, we’ve all just gone to a sauna to shower before.”

Cosmic Girls recently made a comeback with their new mini album “Dream Your Dream” and are promoting the title track “Dreams Come True.”

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