DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon On Her Friendships With I.O.I Members, Role Model, And Hopes For 2018

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon recently shot another pictorial for bnt International, and discussed the friendships between the I.O.I members, dorm life, and more in the accompanying interview.

Jung Chaeyeon talked about I.O.I members, revealing, “They are all doing very well. I frequently meet up with the members who can meet. We eat, go to cafes, and we even drank with [Cosmic Girls’] Yeonjung, who recently turned 20, for the first time. The members who couldn’t go home for the Lunar New Year holiday because of our schedules met up and ate a meal together.”

Jung Chaeyeon also touched on her fellow DIA member Yebin, who became a member of project girl group UNI.T through KBS2’s idol rebooting project “The Unit.” She shared, “I gave her advice that wasn’t really advice in the beginning. Starting from the middle of the program, she seemed to do well on her own.

“Rather than advice, I just talked about my own experiences. When I appeared on a survival program, I originally had fun while doing it, but I started to get more ambitious as time went on. So I told Yebin that she too may subconsciously get ambitious while filming, so she should try to enjoy it as much as she can. Your facial expressions seem more natural that way and you will be able to show yourself at your most beautiful.”

When asked about the atmosphere in DIA’s dorm, Jung Chaeyeon remarked, “It’s either really loud or really quiet. There are a lot of extremely opposite situations. Sometimes it’s so quiet you wonder if there’s even anyone there. While I enjoy living in the dorm, there are times when I want my own personal space.”

Jung Chaeyeon also discussed how she was in charge of the alcohol in the dorm. She shared with a laugh, “It depends on my condition, but I can drink a bottle of soju with no problem. I think I’m gaining weight because of drinking, so I didn’t drink for a while.” She continued, “I’m usually the one that buys alcohol in the dorm. I’m in charge of stocking up the alcohol in the refrigerator. If there’s nothing in the refrigerator, something feels empty.”

Jung Chaeyeon named Jun Ji Hyun as her role model. She explained, “I think she is a really amazing person. Once, I was waiting in the car at an event, when I looked out the window and saw Jun Ji Hyun. I was so happy to the point where I wanted to ask my manager for the car’s black box footage that captured Jun Ji Hyun. Jun Ji Hyun is still consistently working long after her debut. I think that’s really admirable, and I want to become someone with a long-running career like her.”

Additionally, Jung Chaeyeon was asked about her hopes for this year, to which she replied, “I want to spend 2018 with a relaxed mind. I’ve always lived with a planned schedule, but I want to rest freely this year with no plans, and learn a lot about the world. I want to get my driver’s license, and learn a lot of things. I want to learn languages, and take one-day classes. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I wish I had time to gradually learn these things.”

Finally, Jung Chaeyeon shared a message she had for her fans. She said, “I wish you are always happy, and I want to express my thanks. I will work hard in the future as well, so please watch over me. The warm spring is coming, but please be careful not to catch a cold. It’s late, but happy new year as well!”

Check out the rest of the photos from Jung Chaeyeon’s lovely pictorial below!

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