7 Lines From Episodes 13 And 14 Of “Radio Romance” That Gave Us All The Feels

This past week’s episodes brought out all the feels. It’s kind of bittersweet that the intensity of the love triangle is just starting to blossom when there’s only a couple more episodes remaining. The latest episodes proved that we really can’t get enough of the adorable OTP as they display their romance and affection for each other even more. There are so many epic moments that really tugged at our heartstrings and are worth mentioning.

Here’s a look at seven lines from episodes 13 and 14 of “Radio Romance” that gave us some serious feels.

1. “Is it too late?” – PD Lee Gang

The conversation between Lee Gang and his main writer, Geu Rim, in the stairwell was heartbreaking. Although the love and romance between Geu Rim and Soo Ho is on fire, we still can’t help but be swayed by his sincerity. The way he looks at Geu Rim with those soft and heartbroken eyes is enough to make us have some serious second-lead syndrome.

2. “No one would want to lose someone precious to them….” – Song Geu Rim

We can totally understand Geu Rim’s feelings and intentions behind writing these opening lines for her radio script. We also don’t want her to have to choose, but we know what her decision is already. It’s sad that PD Lee Gang can’t end up with Geu Rim, especially seeing how loyal and protective he’s been for her over all those years.

3. “Hearing things like that hurts my feelings too.” – Ji Soo Ho

When Soo Ho and Lee Gang discuss the homeless man, who calls into the radio station and gets into a heated conversation with Soo Ho, he reveals he’s human and feels hurt, too. It’s nice to hear Soo Ho talk about his feelings instead of keeping them inside. The Soo Ho who used to be cold and built up walls for himself is becoming more open, and we’re here for it.

4. “I don’t want to live as Ji Soo Ho anymore.” – Ji Soo Ho

In this particular scene, Soo Ho confronts his dad for the first time about how it’s his fault that their family is the way it is. He’s unhappy and doesn’t care for the fame and fortune as much as his family does. When he speaks these words, he’s telling his dad that he no longer wants to act like he has a happy family for the world. It’s a monumental moment.

5. “Lift your head up. Let’s go.” – Ji Soo Ho

You can totally feel for Geu Rim when she’s about to face Soo Ho’s sasaengs outside the radio station. It’s obvious how much they’d despise and hate her for dating their favorite star. Watching this scene, I was happy that she was being brave and facing them instead of hiding, and at the same time was worried about how it would affect her feelings for Soo Ho.

Then low and behold, our knight in shining armor appears and takes Geu Rim by the hand. It’s such a moment of strength for Geu Rim to know that he’s willing to be there for her and take responsibility for their relationship. It seems like such a fantasy dream come true that a famous actor puts his fame on the line for love. How romantic!

6. “This is the first time in my life, so I will protect you no matter what. Just trust me, hold my hand, and walk with me.” – Ji Soo Ho

Shortly after Soo Ho faces the angry sasaengs, he reassures Geu Rim that he’s not going to give up on her and that he will continue to protect her. It’s a grand gesture, showing how serious he is taking their relationship.

7. “Soo Ho doesn’t want to break his real family, I think he wants to create a real family.”

There are reasons why Soo Ho is going through leaps and bounds to stay true and loyal to Geu Rim. He trusts in his feelings and love for Geu Rim and is willing to go the distance with her. He’s jeopardizing his fame, fortune, and family all for love. He knows what he has to do to get the stability and family he has always wanted, but never had.

Can’t wait to see what the finale week will bring us!

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