GOT7 Shares Their Thoughts On 2PM’s Contract Renewal, Stray Kids’ Upcoming Debut, And More

GOT7 spoke about their newest mini album, JYP labelmates, and the group’s hopes and plans for the future.

GOT7 released the mini album “Eyes on You” on March 12 at 6 p.m. KST. Ahead of their mini album, the group pre-released their collaboration track “One and Only You” featuring Hyorin.

The track topped domestic and international music charts upon its release. It reached No. 1 on iTunes charts in eight countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and No. 1 on the Korean music chart on China’s largest music site Kugou.

When asked if they expected to reach No. 1, JB answered, “I had many worries because it was our first collaboration. We worked together with Hyorin, but I worried if we were causing trouble for her. I worried if the reactions might not be as good as we expected, but I liked that we had fun working on it by ourselves. At first, I was surprised by the positive reactions. I was thankful when someone said that even though it was a good fit even though it was our first collaboration. I gained courage to do it confidently if we do another collaboration in the future.”

JB delved into how the collaboration came about and said, “We went on SBS’s ‘Fantastic Duo‘ with Hyorin and the reactions were good, so we were able to do a collaboration. When we talked about doing a collaboration, I thought about who we should do it with and Hyorin came up. I personally know her and previously ate a meal with her while talking about the direction of music. After I said that, Hyorin invited us onto ‘Fantastic Duo.’ I’m really thankful for that.”

He added, “Besides this track, there was another song that Park Ji Min wanted to work together on. But, we ended up not doing that track and didn’t record it at all. We had to choose between that track and ‘One and Only You.’ All of the members including myself talked and many liked ‘One and Only You’ so we chose that track.”

Since their pre-release was successful, the interviewer asked if this heightened their expectations for their title track. JB replied, “I’m not not ambitious about music chart rankings. If it goes well, I really do want us to get No. 1 and have thoughts on really wanting that to happen. But if I have high expectations then I think there will be lots of disappointment so I’m kind of careful.”

The group’s leader continued to speak about GOT7’s many goals as a group including wanting to “find our perfect color that fits us,” becoming more well-known amongst their fans and other musicians, and winning No. 1 on music shows.

He continued, “We’ve done many concepts and are good at different concepts, but when we feel the stage is fun and are enjoying it is when we’re free and full of energy.” Yugyeom explained, “GOT7’s color isn’t dark, but bright swag.”

GOT7 talked about how much they prepared for this comeback and how it differs from their previous ones. JB said, “First off, while preparing for this performance, we encouraged one another and worked hard while preparing. I don’t want to say that we have the mind of a rookie, but I think we matched up a lot of the details. It’s not that we don’t usually practice, but I don’t think that we’ve ever matched the details like this.”

He explained, “Usually our dance seeks our own personal style. When we’re dancing in-sync, we do that, but when we’re not, we’re quite free. This time, we matched up more than in-sync choreography and practiced. For example, while practicing the first verse, we worked on it until we got it perfect then moved onto the second verse, and completed the details that way.”

Yugyeom continued, “On stage, we dance while two people are standing in the middle. The other five members are on stage showing the formation, and Jinyoung and I dance the choreography.” JB added, “We support them from the bottom. We will work on creating the picture.”

Jinyoung chimed in, “We always had stages where the seven of us danced, but there are times when the two of us dance, leave, then return. We had fun practicing for a fun performance. In the past, it was our job, so when we danced, it became systematic. But this time, I think we can do it as if we’re having fun on stage so I’m satisfied.”

GOT7 is one of many artists under JYP Entertainment currently making headlines. The group was awarded the Bonsang along with TWICE at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards then received the Hot Performance Award and World Hallyu Star Award at the 7th Gaon Music Awards. 2PM recently announced that they renewed their contract with the agency for the second time and Stray Kids is preparing for their upcoming debut on March 26.

JB said, “I think it’s really amazing that 2PM renewed their contracts twice. They haven’t talked to us separately about renewing their contract, but I think it’s great that they did it. Honestly, they probably received other offers, but I think they renewed it with our agency to protect their team 2PM. I think their love for their team is something we should learn. We still have a long time to go until that time and have a lot of time left until then, so we haven’t spoken separately about that.”

Jinyoung commented, “If they renewed their contract twice, then they must really have a tight friendship and I really want us to be together for a long long time. Next time, I want to meet and talk with them, and listen to their advice.”

When asked about the secret to GOT7’s teamwork, Jinyoung answered, “My personal thought is that we have many meeting-like conversations as a group. Honestly, there can’t not be problems when there are seven men together. Every time there is a small problem, it’s not just the two people but all seven of us that gather together to talk about it. If we’re practicing our choreography and something small happens, we all stop, resolve it, and end it. I think there’s a lot of time where the seven of us talk.”

JB added, “These days, we have a lot of personal time, so I kind of miss it. We meet up and eat, and since we’re all adults, drink soju. We have fun conversations like real friends.”

Like GOT7, Stray Kids is also a self-producing group who will release an album full of tracks produced and written by its members. Stray Kids has attracted a lot of attention for the fact that it’s JYP Entertainment’s first boy group in four years since GOT7.

Youngjae said, “First, I really congratulate them. I think we need to become role models and work hard so that they can see and learn good things, and think that we should become good seniors.”

JB echoed similar sentiments and added, “Since junior artists are coming out, we could keep them in check, but I don’t think that way because their music and our music is completely different. I think we’re in a position where we can cheer for each other. Also, since we’re seniors, I don’t think we feel competitive against them. I think we feel that when we go on stage, we should show more professional sides of us so that our juniors can watch and learn from us.”

GOT7 also talked enthusiastically about their upcoming world tour. Starting May, the group will perform in South America, Europe, Bangkok, Macau, Taipei, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Last year, the group toured in Japan and performed in Nippon Budokan.

JB said, “I’m really looking forward to this world tour. I think it’ll be a challenge for us. We will go on tour after our promotions, and I want to show newer and different things. We are thinking of a lot of things and consistently having meetings, so I hope [fans] will look forward to it.”

BamBam added, “We have an album coming out this year and there are many important things, but I think our most important plan this year is the world tour. I want our album to do well and want to receive good energy to start this world tour.”

The members also spoke positively about a full-length studio album. Jinyoung said, “We don’t have any plans yet, but we want to release one soon as well.”

BamBam added with a laugh, “It’s a secret.” JB replied, “We don’t have anything planned yet, but I think the next album may be a full-length studio album,” and BamBam asked fans to look forward to it.

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