Yeo Jin Goo, Shinhwa’s Minwoo, And Hong Suk Chun Cook For Locals In Upcoming Variety Show

Yeo Jin Goo, Shinhwa’s Minwoo, and Hong Suk Chun are ready to cook food for the locals in teasers for tvN’s upcoming variety show “4 Wheeled Restaurant.”

The first teaser introduces Hong Suk Chun, Lee Minwoo, and Yeo Jin Goo’s roles on the show. Hong Suk Chun is the main chef, who has 15 years of Thai food cooking experience under his belt. Lee Minwoo describes himself as the chef’s right-hand man. Yeo Jin Goo is shown as the member with a driver’s license for their truck, though he appears to struggle with the truck a little.

The teaser shows flashes of the three members driving around Thailand and operating a food truck. Whether it be far or near, day or night, they work hard to cook for the locals.

In the second teaser, the three members announce the show’s airtime and date. They appear to have gotten quite friendly in a short amount of time, as they goof off towards the end.

“4 Wheeled Restaurant” will air its first episode on March 27 at 11 p.m. KST.

Watch the full teasers below!