Jang Ki Yong In Talks To Star In Upcoming MBC Drama

Actor Jang Ki Yong is in talks to star in upcoming MBC drama “Come Hug Me” (literal translation).

On March 13, an insider confirmed that the actor was in talks to star as the male lead in the drama. The actor’s agency YG Entertainment also stated, “Jang Ki Yong received an offer for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Come Hug Me.’ He is positively looking it over with a thankful heart.”

“Come Hug Me” is about the unfortunate fate of a man and a woman who live separated lives after a murder in the past. Jang Ki Yong is in talks for the main lead policeman Chae Do Jin, a refreshing and positive man with an exceptionally strong sense of justice.

The drama will be produced by director Choi Joon Bae, who also produced MBC’s “The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang,” “Apgujeong Midnight Sun,” and “The Dearest Lady.” It will air after in May after “Hold Me Tight.”

Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong previously appeared in KBS’s “Go Back Couple” as Jung Nam Gil. You can watch the drama below!

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