JBJ Confirmed To Not Extend Contract And Conclude Activities In April

After long discussion, a decision has been made on the status of JBJ.

On March 14, it was revealed through an official statement, “7 months of promotions will be concluded with the expiration of the management contract on April 30.”

JBJ was originally a fan-imagined group made up of “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants that eventually became reality. The statement reads, “It is completely thanks to fans that JBJ was able to be born and exist. We express our deep gratitude to the many fans that have sent support and encouragement throughout the journey that was like a dream.”

It continues, “Until now, the members, agencies, and staff went through honest and serious discussions for a long time regarding the expiration and extension of JBJ’s contracts. Many opinions were exchanged, and it was recognized that as the members have to move onto the next page, each of their dreams and futures are also important.”

JBJ commented, “Although there is much sadness and nervousness for the future, we accept our current individual situations, and with this, we know well that the only way to live up to the support we have received is to work harder towards different dreams. We once again express our sincere gratitude to fans that allowed for a miracle to occur.”

They concluded, “We ask for your endless support and encouragement for the members that are beginning on a new start line with nervous hearts and for each of our individual activities. We will work hard so that we can promise to become more improved in the future.”

The JBJ members will continue with their schedules and work to spend time with fans until the end of their contracts on April 30. They will then move on with their activities individually and with different groups.

JBJ, made up of Noh Tae Hyun, Kenta, Kim Sang Gyun, Kim Yong Guk, Kwon Hyun Bin, and Kim Dong Han, debuted in October 2017 with “Fantasy.” They made their first comeback in January 2018 with “My Flower” and took their first music show win on “Music Bank.”

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