Official Chinese Version Of “Produce 101” Aims For April Premiere

The official Chinese version of “Produce 101” will be premiering sometime in April.

Since last year, Tencent has been carefully preparing for the Chinese version of “Produce 101.” Recently, they released official posters and related announcements through an official social media account.

According to Chinese media outlets, this upcoming version of “Produce 101” will be produced by Tencent through an official contract with Mnet, who holds the copyright for the show. It aims to air at the end of April.

Prior to this, Mnet addressed another currently airing Chinese audition program, “Idol Producer,” which was accused of plagiarizing the format of “Produce 101.” The distributor of “Produce 101,” CJ E&M, also warned that “Idol Producer” did not obtain the show’s format through official methods, and to refrain from calling “Idol Producer” the “Chinese ‘Produce 101.'”

Are you looking forward to Tencent’s version of “Produce 101?”

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