Song Il Gook Shares Adorable Video Of Triplets And Heartwarming Story About White Day

On March 14, Song Il Gook uploaded an adorable video of his triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse to commemorate White Day.

The three siblings wear sailor uniforms and adorably shout, “At ease!” and “Salute!” They keep goofing off and have end up taking multiple takes, with the three congratulating their granduncle on his retirement. The video ends with the triplets smooching the camera lens to send kisses to their granduncle.

The actor also uploaded a heartwarming story behind the video and talked about why White Day was an important day for him. Song Il Gook shared that his wife finally said yes to his proposal on White Day. However, he needed to get permission from her parents. His high school teacher, who coincidentally was his wife’s uncle, spoke highly of him to her parents, who eventually gave their consent.

Song Il Gook wrote, “White Day ~ They say it started as a business tactic, but since it’s a meaningful day to me, I’ll write a few words. I proposed to my wife on Christmas Eve and hadn’t gotten a response. The next White Day, my wife suddenly returned the ring in the box to me. In that moment, I thought, ‘Huh? What is this, did Jumong just get rejected?’ (At the time, I was still filming ‘Jumong‘). A few minutes that felt like years passed, and my wife told me, ‘Please put the ring on my finger!’ (Of course haha). I’d gotten my wife to say yes but I still had to get permission from her parents. My high school teacher who was also my wife’s uncle (we found this out when we were dating and were really surprised!) said good things about me to her parents, despite the fact that I wasn’t the best student at the time. If it wasn’t for that teacher, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse might not have been born. It’s White Day now, and I’m thinking a lot about that teacher who retired this year. Thank you teacher~.”

화이트데이~♡ 상술로 시작됐다고는 하나 제게는 의미 있는 날이기에 몇 글자 적어봅니다. 크리스마스이브에 프러포즈하고 아직 답을 듣지 않고 있었는데 그다음 해 화이트데이에 갑자기 아내가 반지 상자를 돌려주었다. 그 짧은 순간 "어? 이건 뭐지 주몽이 차인 거야?"(아직 주몽 촬영하고 있을 때다 ㅎㅎ) 그렇게 몇 년 같은 몇 분이 흐르고 아내가 내게 "반지 손에 끼워주세요!"(그럼 그렇지 ㅋㅋ) 그렇게 아내에게는 허락은 받았지만 처가댁의 허락이 남은 상황에서 나의 고등학교 선생님이자 아내 작은아버지(연애할 때 이 사실을 알고 정말 놀랐었다!)께서 학교생활을 그다지 성실하게 안 했음에도 장인 장모님께 저에 대해 좋게 말씀해 주셨다. 아마 선생님 아니었으면 대한민국만세가 이 세상에 나오지 못했을지도 모른다. 화이트데이를 맞아 올해 정년퇴임하신 선생님이 생각 많이 나네요. 선생님 감사합니다~^^

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