Park Hae Jin Reveals The Reason He Has A Hard Time Dating

In a recent interview, Park Hae Jin opened up about his love life and why he has a hard time starting new relationships.

The “Cheese in the Trap” star revealed that he takes romantic relationships very seriously—the actor never dates someone without considering marriage.

“I don’t think of dating and marriage as separate things,” he explained. “I can’t understand people who start relationships easily. Once I start seeing someone, I’m the type who usually keeps dating that person for a long time.”

He went on, “Whenever I date someone, I always keep the possibility of marriage in mind. I’m always thinking about marriage. That’s why it’s really hard for me to begin [a relationship]. I don’t know when I’ll end up dating [again], but if I do date someone [in the future], I think I’ll be considering marriage.”

Park Hae Jin also shared that his constant awareness of marriage has forced him to reconsider some aspects of his current lifestyle. “I recently got rid of my sneaker collection when I moved,” he recalled. “This wasn’t the only reason, but I suddenly had the thought, ‘Would my wife be understanding of my hobby? Would my kids leave these sneakers alone?’ I realized that since it isn’t a very practical hobby, the time had come to put an end to it.”

The actor added that he’s currently more focused on his career than his love life. “One of the reasons I’m not able to date is because I’m busy. I know that I wouldn’t be able to take good care of [my girlfriend], with work as an excuse. Right now, it’s time for me to [focus on] work.”

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