Wanna One’s Agency Threatens To Take Strong Action In Response To Leaked Title Track

Wanna One’s agency, YMC Entertainment, has officially responded to the recent leak of the group’s upcoming title track.

On March 14, Wanna One’s title track “Boomerang” was leaked on social media ahead of the release of the group’s second mini album “0+1=1 (I Promise You),” currently scheduled for March 19. Despite YMC Entertainment’s hurried efforts to contain the leak, the song spread like wildfire online shortly after the three-minute file was posted in a public chat room.

A spokesperson for the agency remarked, “Immediately after the music file was leaked, we figured out its contents, and we have been taking actions, including reporting [the leak], within the company. We are regretful that the song was leaked, and we plan to find the source of the leak and respond with strong action.”

In addition to the title track “Boomerang,” another song from the album, “Gold,” was also leaked on social media.

After releasing special theme track “I.P.U.” earlier this month, Wanna One will be making a full comeback with “0+1=1 (I Promise You)” on March 19.

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