Cast Of “Mother” Shares Final Thoughts As Drama Reaches An End

tvN’s “Mother,” which recently made headlines after being nominated for the 1st Cannes International Series Festival, will be airing its final episode this evening.

“Mother” tells the affectionate story of Kang Soo Jin (played by Lee Bo Young), a teacher who decides to run away with Hye Na (also known as Yoon Bok, played by Heo Yool), an eight-year-old child who was abused at home.

As the drama reaches its end, Lee Bo Young and Heo Yool pose with the script for the finale of “Mother.” Lee Bo Young embraces Heo Yool with a smile, displaying motherly affection for her young co-star.

The cast shared their thoughts as the drama is about to conclude its run. Lee Bo Young expressed her appreciation, saying, “Although I felt gloomy, sad, and hurt while filming the drama, I had such an enjoyable time. Thank you to all the viewers who shared the same feelings as I did while watching the drama.”

Heo Yool expressed her thoughts in a cute manner, saying, “Time flew by so fast while filming ‘Mother.’ I feel sad that I’ll be saying goodbye to the aunties and uncles [staff and actors] I have spent time with.”

During a separate interview, actress Go Sung Hee shared, “‘Mother’ is a project that I will never forget, especially with such great script and actors. Acting as Ja Young was a thrilling yet frightening challenge, so I’m glad it ended well. I will work harder to repay the love I have received.”


In the previous episode, Yoon Bok successfully found her way from Mooryung to Seoul and reunited with Kang Soo Jin, just like how Young Shin (Lee Hye Young) mentioned that “a child will always find their way to their mother.” Yoon Bok and Kang Soo Jin shed tears as they shared a heartbreaking mother-and-daughter reunion.

Find out if the two of them have a happy ending in the last episode airing on March 15 at 9.30 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, catch the latest episode of “Mother” below!

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