MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Shares Story Of The Time She Gave Money To Her Childhood Boyfriend

MAMAMOO were guests on MBC FM4U’s radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” and shared stories from their past.

On the March 15 program, the DJ asked MAMAMOO’s Hwasa about the time a boyfriend took her money and what her honest feelings were at the time. Hwasa laughed and answered, “I thought that it might be the end for me.”

She explained, “It happened when I was young. He was a really close friend, but I guess he was a rebellious kid. One day, he and a group of his friends rode motorcycles and came up to me in a line. I thought, ‘Oh no, what should I do?’ That friend suddenly asked, ‘Hey. Do you have money?’ and I answered, “No.'”

Hwasa continued, “But there were scary girls there too. I was nervous and thought that if I didn’t give it to them, then I might die. So I said, ‘I do have some,’ and gave them 4,000 won [approximately $3.76]. I wanted them to take it and leave. After that, I avoided them.”

MAMAMOO is currently promoting their title track “Starry Night” off of their latest mini album “Yellow Flower.”

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