10 Times BTS Members Couldn’t Hide Their Fanboy Feels For BIGBANG

As more and more BIGBANG members complete their national duties, we begin to realize how much we’ll be missing them these days. But we’re not the only ones out there who will miss them. Over the years, we have seen many artists express their admiration and gratitude towards the BIGBANG members for their leadership and contributions to the K-pop scene, and BTS is definitely at the forefront of this. While this list barely grazes the surface of the BIGBANG fanboy instances, here’s a list of times the BTS members let their VIP status show.

1. Original Soundtrack by Golden Maknae

There wasn’t any background music planned, but Jungkook took care of that. How many BIGBANG songs can you count in this clip alone? There might not even be enough fingers!

2. “Eyes, Nose, Lips” obsession

This is one of those moments when you love a song so much that you create your own music video to it. For the members of BTS, they created one in the waiting room and made multiple “Bangton Bombs” to capture just how much they like Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” You can see how it takes Jungkook a little time to warm up to singing on camera. But once he’s comfortable, he can’t stop singing!

3. Waiting room adventures

Leave it up to BTS to use up every free minute to dance along to BIGBANG. And they sure are into it! Here we have V almost falling off the couch, Jin sneaking in his moves between shots, and Suga taking a break from getting his makeup done; all this just to jam out to their favorite tunes.

4. Karaoke room adventures

If you’ve never gone to a karaoke room before, these videos might serve as a great tutorial. They exhibit passion, energy, and a lot of top of the lung shouting and singing! And of course the members of BTS would choose multiple BIGBANG songs when in these rooms.

5. “Ringa Linga” dance time

Here we have another “Bangtan Bomb” dedicated to covering a song of Taeyang’s. You can see the joy and cheesiness in their eyes, and how much they’re loving making this bomb!

6. “I Need A Girl” cover

This isn’t your typical radio visit. This considered a serious homage to an artist they highly respect as they’re singing another artist’s song for a radio show. Can you imagine how excited they were to do so?

7. This tweet

It has become quite normal for the BTS members to share with us what they’re listening to, which helps us further understand their style and inspirations. Who here is surprised that BIGBANG’s music is in their heavy rotations?

8. The answer to who they look up to

There’s absolutely no question that if you ask the members of BTS who they look up to, they will answer with the members of BIGBANG. They have truly been inspirational to BTS and many other artists out there.

9. This wild behind-the-scenes clip

This is a perfect example of VIPS jamming out to a song that gets them all excited. You can tell the members absolutely cannot contain themselves and rightfully so. The song is just so catchy!

10. The live reactions

Lastly, this list wouldn’t be complete without capturing BTS’s live reactions when they see BIGBANG! It’s a guarantee that you’ll find the members out of their seats dancing along or with their jaws dropped to the floor in awe of their seniors.

What are your favorite moments where BTS members showed their love for BIGBANG? Let us know in the comments below!

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