WINNER Members Send Letters To Kim Jin Woo’s Prison In “Do The Right Thing”

WINNER sent letters to fellow member Kim Jin Woo on the final episode of JTBC’s “Do the Right Thing.”

“Do the Right Thing” is a reality program where celebrities experience the Korean criminal justice system by serving time in an actual prison for various fictional crimes.

On the March 16 episode, celebrities finished serving their sentences and prepared to leave the prison. Members staying in prison room No. 4 shared snacks sent to them by WINNER and read the members’ letters to Kim Jin Woo.

Kang Seung Yoon wrote, “When I went to visit you, your face looked like it was ‘Really Really’ hard. If you committed a crime, then you should fairly pay for your wrongdoing. Even if the world calls you a criminal, we’re on your side. Do a lot of self-reflection in there.”

Song Mino sent money along with his letter and wrote, “I hope you can have a small party with this money. We’re thinking of going to a club. Yay!”

He continued, “Don’t catch a cold. I’m feeding Ray and Bay well, so don’t worry. Should I go eat sausage stew? I should order chicken. Yay! Isn’t it hard being the youngest? I heard you’re washing a lot of dishes. I hope you’ll remain as the energetic cutie there then return to us.”

He added, “I’m thinking of going on a trip to Gapyeong with my friends. Yay!” After listening to Yoo Byung Jae read aloud Song Mino’s letter, Don Spike commented, “This isn’t a letter, but rubbing salt on a wound.”

“Do the Right Thing” premiered in January and aired its final episode on March 16 at 9 p.m. KST.

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