Park Seo Joon Attracts Cute Fan Following In Spain During “Youn’s Kitchen 2”

It seems that Park Seo Joon steals hearts wherever he goes!

On the March 16 episode of tvN variety show “Youn’s Kitchen 2,” the cast wrapped up their last day of operating a restaurant in Garachico, a town on the Spanish island of Tenerife.

The cast faced a record amount of guests after the restaurant was featured in the local newspaper. In total, they served a total of 76 dishes that day.

At one point in the episode, the cast’s next-door neighbor came to eat at the restaurant with her daughter. While they were waiting for their food, they greeted a group of young girls hovering around the restaurant.

It turned out that the girls were waiting for a glimpse of Park Seo Joon! When the neighbor’s daughter asked where they were heading, the girls insisted on waiting by the table to catch a glimpse of the handsome “waiter.”

Although the girls were not familiar with Park Seo Joon as a South Korean actor, they shared that they had fallen for him over the past few days. The show then aired footage of the girls frequently passing by the restaurant to say hi to Park Seo Joon, who always greeted them with a warm smile.

Unfortunately for the girls, it was Lee Seo Jin who came out to serve the neighbor and her daughter. When the girls were gone, the daughter shared with another customer the cute story of Park Seo Joon’s new fan following.

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