Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Uhm Tae Goo, And Kim Hee Won In Talks For New Boxing Movie

We may be seeing Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Uhm Tae Goo, and Kim Hee Won in the film “Dempsey Roll: Confession” (literal title).

On March 16, it was revealed that all three actors are in talks to appear in the film.

A source from Hyeri’s agency Dream T Entertainment said, “After receiving the offer to appear in ‘Dempsey Roll: Confession,’ she is positively reviewing it.” Uhm Tae Goo’s agency Prain PTC also stated, “It is a film that he is positively considering.”

“Dempsey Roll: Confession” will be a comedy-drama film directed by Jung Hyuk Gi. It will tell the story of a man named Byung Goo who used to be a boxer in the past. One day, he belatedly learns he has punch-drunk syndrome, and starts to box again with the help of Min Ji.

Punch-drunk syndrome (dementia pugilistica) is a neurological condition that is a variant of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease, and is mostly seen in people who have suffered repeated concussions.

Uhm Tae Goo has been offered the role of Byung Goo, and Hyeri the role of Min Ji.

“Dempsey Roll” will begin filming in April. Stay tuned for more updates!

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