“Switch” Unveils Elite Prosecutors As Key Supporting Characters

Supporting characters are crucial in building the story line of main characters and SBS’s “Switch” has selected three veteran actors as key individuals behind this role.

Choi Jae Won plays Jung Do Young, chief of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who is highly respected by his juniors and has huge desire for power. Park Won Sang plays Yang Ji Soong, section chief of the Criminal Department in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who successfully adapted to being a prosecutor despite his timid personality and shows strong sense of humanity. Bae Min Hee plays Jin Kyung Hee, deputy chief of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a charismatic female leader.

From the released stills, the trio who holds key power within the Public Prosecutor’s Office gathers and shares a serious conversation.

It was said that the three veteran actors performed impeccably in their acting skills despite their short scenes. The three actors shared opinions about the scene while preparing for the shoot; when they were given to the cue to start, they fully immersed themselves into their individual characters and completed the scene in one take.

A production staff shared, “Viewers can expect Choi Jae Won, Park Won Sang, and Bae Min Hee to portray various characteristics of prosecutors – sometimes they can be humane, sometimes they can be charismatic, and sometimes they mask their ambitions. Please look forward the roles that these supporting characters play and the stories that will unfold.”

“Switch” tells the story of a conman-turned-prosecutor who uses his skills to take down those who try to avoid the law. It is penned by writers Baek Woon Chul and Kim Ryu Hyun and directed by PD Nam Tae Jin.

“Switch” will air its first episode of March 28, after “Return” concludes its run.

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