Kim Sun Ah’s Memorable Lines In “Should We Kiss First” That Tugged Our Heartstrings

SBS’ “Should We Kiss First” tells the story of Ahn Soon Jin (Kim Sun Ah), a woman who experienced unfortunate hardships, yet manages to overcome.

Ahn Soon Jin is well-loved by viewers as they are able to relate to her character in various ways. Her memorable lines reflecting her bittersweet life tell us why.

“I worked hard all my life. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t play.”

The court claimed possession of Ahn Soon Jin’s house and it became a cold, empty space overnight. At the same time, she was also fired from her job. Ahn Soon Jin was forced to face the harsh reality. Dedicating her life to her job as a flight attendant, she was unfairly dismissed and was even rejected from academies. She barely found herself a job in the supermarket as a cashier after aimlessly waiting for over five hours. Ahn Soon Jin returned home and was about to fall asleep when she stood up and exclaimed, “I’ve worked hard all my life. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t play – that’s how I’ve lived!” Despite doing her very best, unexpected misfortunes happen and that causes frustration; and viewers are able to relate to that feeling.

“Please love me. I want to be loved too.”

Ahn Soon Jin fell asleep on Son Moo Han (Kam Woo Sung)’s shoulder as they enjoyed a date on the bus. Both of them were able to convey their thoughts more honestly as they spent time alone. Son Moo Han shared his feelings for her, “I intend to love you, a lot. My greed may lead you to the other end of the world.” Ahn Soon Jin boldly responded, “Every day feels like the end of the world. I have experienced pain as much as I have lived. Even if I fail now, it will not be as hurtful.” With eyes that reflected the pain she went through, Ahn Soon Jin sincerely confessed, “Please love me. I want to be loved too.” Although she said that she was tired of love, a part of Ahn Soon Jin wanted to love and be loved, and this touched the viewers.

“There are some sadnesses that no person or thing can provide comfort for.”

Ahn Soon Jin very well knew the meaning of death and the grief of being left behind. She felt sorry for Son Moo Han, who had a pet dog that passed away. Although she is allergic to dogs, Ahn Soon Jin gave the dog a hug and said her goodbyes, as she watched over Son Moo Han who was grieving alone. She said, “There are some sadnesses that no person or thing can provide comfort for. I felt like giving you a hug when I saw you.” Ahn Soon Jin’s affectionate line warmed the hearts of viewers.

“I’m a woman too. I’m a human too.”

Ahn Soon Jin cried as she felt gratitude towards Son Moo Han who fell for her. When he asked what she felt thankful for, Ahn Soon Jin said, “Your eyes. It has been a long while since I’ve felt the feeling of someone wanting me. [It made me feel that] I’m a woman too, I’m a human too, and that I’m alive.” After her divorce with Eun Kyung Soo (Oh Ji Ho), Ahn Soon Jin chose to keep her heart closed from others. Kim Sun Ah perfectly portrayed Ahn Soon Jin’s emotional moment when she realized that someone else values her.

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“Should We Kiss First” airs every Monday and Tuesday, and is available on Viki.

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