Hong Jin Young Talks About Receiving Threats After Love Line With Kim Jong Kook

On March 18, SBS’s “Running Man” released an upgraded version of ‘2018 Global Project.’ It will be a four-week long project featuring guests Lee Da Hee, Lee Sang Yeob, Hong Jin Young and Kang Han Na.

These four individuals achieved high viewer ratings and each had their own ‘best minute’ through their active participation in the show.

Hong Jin Young was dressed in a white shirt and black pants, and matched Kim Jong Kook’s all-black outfit. Hong Jin Young commented, “To be honest, after I was involved in a love line with Kim Jong Kook in my previous appearance on ‘Running Man,’ I received many direct messages through my social media from international fans. They said that they would kill me if I was seen to be near Kim Jong Kook.”

HaHa stepped in and mentioned, “It’s probably because he is currently in a love line with Song Ji Hyo too.” Kim Jong Kook explained, “My fans are just like me. As much as I say that I would kill Lee Kwang Soo, it does not necessarily mean that I would kill him. They like to follow my style of cracking jokes.”

Hong Jin Young laughed and said, “Please have this translated for me. I will come and go like the wind. I will be like the wind that never stays.”

Check out the latest episode of “Running Man” below!

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