Kim Jong Kook’s Mother Surprises Song Ji Hyo With Comments About Their Dating Rumors

Song Ji Hyo appeared as a special MC on the latest episode of “My Ugly Duckling,” which features Kim Jong Kook and his mother!

“My Ugly Duckling” is a show that follows the daily lives of celebrity bachelors, with a panel of MCs and the bachelors’ mothers commenting on footage of the stars. Kim Jong Kook is currently a regular cast member on the show, and in the March 18 episode, Song Ji Hyo met his mother again when she joined the panel.

The pair explained that they had met before when they took the same plane overseas for a “Running Man” event. The hosts then mentioned how there have been dating rumors between Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook in the past.

Song Ji Hyo said, “Yes, I know about them. There was even an article that said we were getting married.”

The hosts teased Song Ji Hyo about it, with Shin Dong Yeop joking, “Did you think when you saw it, ‘Ah, there’s really no such thing as a secret in this world’?”

Song Ji Hyo laughed and said, “We’re good friends, so when the article came out, we laughed when we talked about it.”

Kim Jong Kook’s mother then said, “It seems that Song Ji Hyo hasn’t taken a liking to Kim Jong Kook.” As Song Ji Hyo and the hosts looked surprised, she added with a laugh, “Although they’ve been on television together for several years, the only thing that’s come out has been scandals, there’s been nothing.”

Song Ji Hyo looked taken aback before explaining, “It’s not like that. The reason is that when you’re working with someone, you shouldn’t mix feelings in it.” She also pointed out that the cast is always being physical and fighting on “Running Man.”

During the show, Song Ji Hyo also politely fielded a lot of questions about her dating life and funny suggestions from the mothers about how she’d be a good match with their sons.

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