Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And Park Bo Gum Are The Perfect Hard-Working Duo On “Hyori’s Homestay 2”

The latest episode of “Hyori’s Homestay 2” that aired on March 18 showed how Park Bo Gum and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA make the perfect hard-working team together!

Park Bo Gum began the episode by completing his first solo job of driving the guests out to their destination. Once he returned, YoonA made sure to let him know where to keep his belongings, and they sat down with Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyori to drink tea and chat. Lee Hyori asked Park Bo Gum to share his wishlist for his stay in Jeju Island and he replied that he wants to learn music from Lee Sang Soon and take a photo with everyone. He also added that he had tried pilates before and was quite flexible, so he would also like a yoga lesson from Lee Hyori.

After tea time was over, Park Bo Gum and YoonA teamed up to clean the house. As she was more experienced in cleaning and doing the laundry in the house, YoonA kindly explained everything to Park Bo Gum, and they split up their tasks to be more efficient. When she was teaching him how to do the laundry, Park Bo Gum realized she wasn’t wearing slippers on the tiled floor and immediately took his own off to offer them to her.

While Park Bo Gum drove Lee Sang Soon to the airport, YoonA and Lee Hyori were looking up news articles on Park Bo Gum when the milk they were heating up boiled over and spilled over the induction cooker. After calming Lee Hyori down, YoonA immediately opened a window to air the smoke out, and cleaned up the stove. She then went upstairs to clear out the trash cans, and when she saw that the toilet was clogged, she tried out a home remedy to fix it. Watching in awe, Lee Hyori exclaimed, “She’s amazing, absolutely amazing. There’s nothing YoonA can’t do.”

Park Bo Gum returned with some groceries after double checking to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, and he and YoonA put everything away in the fridge. They then put on aprons and began preparing dinner side by side. YoonA laughed when she asked Park Bo Gum to turn on his favorite music, and he turned on Girls’ Generation’s “Say Yes.” He even used an extra frying pan to block grease from jumping out of the pan and hitting YoonA as he cooked. Lee Hyori looked on proudly as she said, “You’re such a trustworthy pair. It’s so nice to see you two together like this.” The pair set out quite a meal, and everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner together.

It was after dinner that Lee Hyori felt like she was catching a cold. Worrying about her and to fill Lee Sang Soon’s absence, YoonA reassured Lee Hyori as she said, “We’ll do everything. Don’t worry about anything.” Hyori expressed her gratitude for YoonA and Park Bo Gum for being so reliable.

YoonA and Park Bo Gum’s partnership has been one of the most anticipated elements of “Hyori’s Homestay 2” and they lived up to expectations. YoonA acted like an older sister who kindly taught Park Bo Gum everything he needed to know, and Park Bo Gum listened intently and always did his best at every task he was given.

“Hyori’s Homestay 2” airs every Sunday on JTBC at 9 p.m. KST.

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